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Prosecuting Wage & Hour Disputes

Workers in Minnesota are protected by numerous employment laws, including laws regarding overtime pay and minimum wages. However, employers often violate these laws, depriving workers of fair pay for hours worked.

If you have been underpaid, encouraged to work hours off-the-clock, or were not paid properly for overtime hours, you could have a claim against your employer. At Nichols Kaster, PLLP, our Minneapolis wage and hour attorneys have extensive experience prosecuting wage theft cases in Minnesota and across the country. We have earned a local and national reputation for holding employers accountable when they violate workers’ rights. Our firm is prepared to assist you with your claim.

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Common Wage & Hour Violations

Wage and hour violations can occur when an employer fails to follow local, state, and/or federal law that protects employees’ rights to overtime pay and minimum wages.

Some of the most common wage and hour violations in Minnesota include:

  • Denying employees overtime premium pay or straight time (regular) pay by forcing them to work off-the-clock

  • Misclassifying workers as independent contractors rather than employees

  • Misclassifying workers as exempt from overtime pay

  • Paying straight time only for overtime hours worked, rather than time and a half

  • Paying a flat daily rate but no overtime compensation

  • Failing to pay minimum wage

  • Illegal tip pooling

  • Incorrectly calculating the overtime rate of pay

  • Requiring employees to work through unpaid meal breaks

  • Failing to pay commissions earned

  • Failing to pay for travel time between job sites

These and other wage and hour violations can deny employees their hard-earned wages. Workers may be able to take legal action against employers who violate their rights and seek compensation for unpaid wages and other damages resulting from wage and hour violations.

How a Minneapolis Wage & Hour Lawyer Can Help

Whether your employer failed to pay you minimum wage or misclassified you as an exempt employee and did not pay you correctly for overtime, it can be difficult to know what to do. Wage and hour laws are complex, and you may be unsure of your rights.

When you work with an experienced wage and hour attorney, like those at Nichols Kaster, PLLP, you do not have to navigate the legal system on your own. Our team is highly trained and has the resources to aggressively advocate on your behalf. We can review your situation during a complimentary consultation and discuss whether your employer may have violated your rights.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have at no cost to you during an initial consultation. Get in touch with us today to schedule a complimentary case evaluation.

Why Choose Nichols Kaster, PLLP?

When your rights have been violated, you need a powerful legal team on your side. At Nichols Kaster, PLLP, we are passionate about fighting for hardworking individuals and protecting their rights against the interests of large corporations, private businesses, and other powerful entities. Our wage and hour team is well recognized not only locally, but also nationally, as being a powerhouse for prosecuting employers for wage and hour violations in court and in arbitration.

Our Minneapolis wage and hour attorneys can assist you by:

  • Reviewing your case at no cost to determine if your employer violated federal, state, or local wage and hours laws

  • Explaining your legal rights and options in a clear, straightforward manner, as well as answer any questions you may have

  • Gathering critical evidence, such as employment records and pay data, to strengthen and support your claim

  • Aggressively seeking fair compensation for your unpaid wages

  • Finding others who are similarly situated to you, to prosecute wage and hour violations on a class action or collective action basis

  • Representing you at trial or in arbitration

We represent all types of workers across a wide variety of industries, such as full-time employees, part-time employees, independent contractors, tipped workers, laborers, commission-based employees, executives, and others. When you hire Nichols Kaster, PLLP, you can expect to receive a high level of personal attention and legal support from your attorney and our entire staff. We are here to help you fight for your rights and pursue the fair compensation you are owed.

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