Kayden Industries (USA), Inc. Update

On April 21, 2015, we attended mediation with Defendant in an effort to settle this lawsuit.  Unfortunately, mediation was unsuccessful. While we were not able to settle at mediation, we learned some valuable information and feel confident moving on to the next stage in the case.  We will be proceeding with litigation and will be entering the “discovery” phase of the case.   During the discovery phase, which typically lasts several months, the parties collect the evidence they need from the other side to prove their case.  The parties will exchange documents, answer written inquiries, and take depositions.  We may reach out to you in the coming weeks for your assistance with this phase of the case.

As we move forward, we still have the opportunity to hear from solids control technicians that are interested in joining this case.  If you were employed by Kayden as a solids control technicians during the last 3 years and interested in hearing more about the case, please contact Monica Smith, at msmith@nka.com or toll free at (877) 344-4628, ext. 251. Thank you.