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Wage Fixing

Employers cannot illegally collude with competitors to keep wages low for employees. If you know or have reason to believe that your employer is sharing compensation information with a similar employer to set wages low, then you might be able to bring an antitrust claim. Moreover, if you know or have reason to believe that your employer has an agreement with its competitor not to hire its employees, you might also have a claim.

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Wage Fixing Details

Wage fixing occurs when companies in the same industry conspire or agree to suppress employee earnings below the market rate. These arrangements, referred to as "anti-poaching" agreements, can harm employees’ livelihood and violate federal antitrust laws.

No-poach agreements are agreements between competitors to not solicit or hire each other’s employees. Companies that do not make or provide the same products or services can still be considered competitors in the labor market and liable for no-poach or wage-fixing agreements if they compete in the same marketplace for employees. If two companies are competing for the same pool of employees, then they are considered competitors for the purposes of wage-fixing and no-poach violations.

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