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At Nichols Kaster, PLLP, our highly respected and award-winning attorneys possess decades of combined railway labor experience and practical insight into the industry and its unique set of employment law issues. Our legal team is familiar with the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA) and the protections it provides to railroad workers and employees of railroad contractors and subcontractors. We proudly take on discrimination and retaliation cases on behalf of railroad employees across the United States.

Aggressively Fighting Back Against Railroad Employee Discrimination Nationwide

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in all aspects of railroad employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoffs, training, benefits, and other conditions of employment. If you believe you have been subjected to discrimination, contact us immediately. Just like employees working in other industries, railroad employees are protected against discrimination.

Examples of discrimination in the railroad industry include:

  • Disqualifying employees based upon a disability even though the employee can perform the essential functions of the job

  • An employer relying upon word-of-mouth recruitment by its predominantly male workforce that results in preventing qualified women from being hired

  • Female employees being subjected to severe or pervasive sexual comments or innuendo by coworkers or supervisors

  • Older employees forced out of their positions or terminated even though they can still adequately perform their duties

We Proudly Take on FRSA Whistleblower Retaliation Cases

Railroad employers are also prohibited from retaliating against employees for engaging in protected conduct. Protected conduct includes notifying a railroad of an injury, seeking medical treatment, reporting a safety concern, or refusing to follow an unsafe order. Retaliation against whistleblowers in the railroad industry often takes the form of abolishing a position, intimidation or harassment, discipline, and/or termination.

If you work or worked for the railroad and believe you have been subjected to retaliation, please contact Nichols Kaster, PLLP immediately.

Common examples of retaliation against whistleblowers includes:

  • The railroad company tries to talk an employee out of reporting an injury or safety concern

  • The railroad company interferes with an employee seeking medical treatment for a workplace injury

  • The railroad company disciplines an employee for a rule violation in connection with an injury or report regarding a safety concern

  • The railroad company disciplines an employee with “late reporting” or "dishonesty" in connection with a report of an injury or safety concern

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Nichols Kaster, PLLP is here to help guide you through the legal process if you want to take action against a railroad company that violated your labor rights. Our creative and experienced attorneys are committed to fighting for the justice our clients deserve. We have unparalleled commitmentto our clients and work tirelessly to advance the rights of railroad workers all over the U.S.

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  • Nichols Kaster obtained a successful jury verdict for a BNSF railroad employee on a Federal Railroad Safety Act retaliation claim.

  • Nichols Kaster obtained a jury verdict for a task force Special Agent in South Dakota on sexual harassment and retaliation claims.

  • Nichols Kaster confirmed the standard protecting workers from retaliation for verbally reporting to employer violation of wage and hour law in front of the Supreme Court.

  • Nichols Kaster obtained the second-largest settlement ever paid by the City of Saint Paul in an employment suit.

  • Nichols Kaster obtained a jury verdict for a St. Jude medical device sales representative on a retaliation claim and defeated the company’s counterclaim for violation of a non-compete agreement.

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