Kai Ritcher

Partner Spotlight: Fun Facts Friday- Kai Richter

With a team of passionate and talented professionals, our team works relentlessly every day on advancing and protecting the rights of the little guy in the workplace and marketplace.

We want to give you the opportunity to get to know our incredible team a little bit better. That’s why each Friday, we plan to feature a Nichols Kaster partner and some fun facts about them that you might not otherwise know.

This week, get to know Kai H. Richter:

Kai is an experienced attorney who has fought for the rights of everyday people throughout his legal career. As one of the leaders of the firm’s ERISA litigation team, Kai has handled several different cases involving breach of fiduciary duty claims relating to 401(k) plans and other retirement plans, and has spoken at several national forums on ERISA litigation.  In addition, Kai has handled numerous cases on behalf of consumers against banks, mortgage servicers, and other large companies.

Five fun facts about Kai:

  1. I decided I wanted to be a lawyer when…My fiancée told me she was going to law school.  I couldn’t think of anything better, so I said what the heck?  We wound up in the same law school section, but remain happily married.
  2. If you were in my office, you’d find…A piece of the Berlin Wall and bullets from the Battle of Chattanooga.  I have always loved history.  I was also fortunate to shake hands with President Clinton at my college graduation, and have a picture of that.
  3. I wish I had invented…Nuclear fusion.  It produces massive quantities of energy, but does not leave behind radioactive waste.  I hope someone figures it out soon!  We have had an industrial revolution, a technology revolution, and an information revolution – why not an energy revolution?  It would solve so many problems.
  4. I can’t go a day without…Some kind of physical exercise.  I enjoy running, skiing (on snow or “roller” wheels), biking, or just walking the neighborhood in the evening.
  5. My favorite sports team is…My kids’ high school teams.  Win or lose, at least I like the players!